We asked eleven landscape professionals, all at different stages in their careers, to tell us what inspired them to follow a career in landscape and what advice they would give to others. Their answers show the breadth of talent, experience and passion across the profession. They explain how they trained, what is important to them about the profession and how they would recommend it to others.

Georgina Stretch

Georgina Stretch

Georgina is a graduate landscape manager at RSK Environment Limited. She took a BSc in Countryside and Environmental Management at Harper Adams University.

What inspired you to study to become a landscape professional?

I have always had a passion for the outdoors, conservation and design. I first considered a career in landscape during my 3rd year of university when I completed a placement year in industry as an assistant landscape manager. The experience really opened my eyes to what landscape professionals do.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

On behalf of Homes England I am involved in managing day to day maintenance of their portfolio in the SE and SW. I also assist on large infrastructure projects such as Rampion Offshore Wind Farm. I love the challenge that my job provides me, being stretched and busy really drives me to achieve. I never know what will be arriving at my desk, as issues on site vary so widely. Responsibility gives me pride in what I do and achieve. My job also allows me to travel the country for site visits.

How do you make your mark on the world?

I am helping to maintain places trying to create a healthy balance for people and biodiversity, which is so important for sustainability.

What trends do you predict for your industry in the next few years?

The importance of green space for healthy and happy living. More pressure on our green spaces so a need to make them multifunctional, to provide us with amenity, and biodiversity, and still promote sustainability. We need to respond to our changing climate with research into drought resistant plants and trees, disease and invasive species. Also vital to integrate flood provision into design and management.

Why is the landscape profession important to the future of society and the environment?

We can help to ensure that we all have space to work, relax, exercise and enjoy by influencing other industry professionals. Green space is so important for human health and wellbeing physically and mentally.

The landscape profession is so varied, and the skills you learn in one part of the industry are very transferable.
Georgina Stretch, Graduate landscape manager at RSK Environment Limited

What would you tell someone who is thinking about becoming a landscape professional?

Just go for it!, I came into the industry with no practical or specific academic experience and have met and worked with some amazing individuals. I love what I do, and I am excited to continue to extend my knowledge and experience as my career progresses.

The landscape profession is so varied, and the skills you learn in one part of the industry are very transferable. The profession is unique as it enables you to interact with the outdoors and with the ability to influence and enhance the natural environment.