As the summer internship season approaches, we’ll be talking to landscape students about their experience, and learn more about the practices they’ve worked with. 

Here, Pauline Crevillers, from the National School of Nature and Landscape University of Bois, France, reflects on her time with TGP Landscape Architects in Scotland.

During my internship at the TGP’s Office, I was lucky to meet this friendly team and share their daily office life for two and a half months. I learned so much thanks to their know-how and their experience in the trade.

I have participated in various exciting projects, such as the redesign of avenues or public spaces, as well as smaller studies of wind turbine implementation. This range of work made me realise that landscape architecture offers a wide range of experiences.

Moreover, I was entrusted with the design of small spaces or the design of new options for a project, following the wishes of the client. It was a real opportunity for me because it allowed me to use different tools: sketch, drawing scale, textures given by Photoshop and technical realisation on CAD.

A project Pauline worked on as part of her internship © TGP Landscape Architects

I was also able to improve my skills in different software that I use in my school such as InDesign or Illustrator. Likewise, I looked at the design of plant palette and the integration of different furniture within the design concept of the project.

Their operation within the agency is also very effective, they don’t hesitate to lend each other a hand during deadlines! The communication between the members of the team is essential and that is why their projects are completed successfully.

Finally, I loved working in both agencies (Glasgow and Edinburgh), I had the chance to work with the entire team, individually to help them or in pairs for the reflection of projects. And meeting members of Council city on site and clients was very enriching for me!

Thank you so much, once again, for the kindness, the time and patience with me. See you soon!

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